Personal Health Train opens community workspace at IKNL Eindhoven

At the offices of IKNL in Eindhoven, the Personal Health Train community inaugurated their first official workspace. Professor AndrĂ© Dekker, one of the founders of the PHT concept, had the honour to cut the ribbon at this festive occasion. The workspace is a place for developers and innovators to meet and work together on the Personal Health Train.

Dr. Ir. Xander Verbeek, chief innovation officer at IKNL: ‘IKNL is proud to be able to provide the location. We recognised the potential of the PHT to improve cancer health care and research years ago. Now, we have many data-trains riding in the Netherlands and internationally. We would like to share our experience with others and hope other organisations will soon follow our example and create PHT-workspaces too.’ 

AndrĂ© Dekker: ‘It’s a great honour for me to open this workspace. The PHT network is a vibrant community, always interested in learning from each other’s experiences and solutions. This room symbolizes the importance of working together on the PHT. The PHT is a community-effort, we want the PHT-community to feel welcome to meet and work together on the PHT here in Eindhoven.’ 

You can find the PHT community Workspace at IKNL Eindhoven, Zernikestraat 29. 

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