About IKNL

Netherlands comprehensive cancer organisation (IKNL) is the quality institute for oncological and palliative research and practice. IKNL collaborates with healthcare professionals and managers and patients on the continuous improvement of oncological and palliative care. With data from the Netherlands Cancer Registry (NCR), we enable health care professionals, policy makers and others to reflect on cancer care and prevention. 

Improved technologies and medicines are leading to new treatments in oncological and palliative care. This demands further specialisation on the part of professionals and sets higher requirements for their collaboration. At the same time, there is a growing demand for transparency regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of treatments, such as the responsible use of new medicines.

As the knowledge and quality institute for oncological and palliative care, IKNL responds to these changes. We collaborate on continuously improving the quality of oncological and palliative care. IKNL assists in policy-making and the development of creating networks such as the Comprehensive Cancer Networks (CCNs) and consortia for palliative care.

IKNL participates and delivers facts and figures from the NCR for the public website kanker.nl that is consulted 80.000 times per month.  


Data from the NCR currently are used in over 200 publications per year in peer reviewed medical journals and have a proven impact on cancer. For example, quality improvement based on insights from the NCR resulted in decreased postoperative hospital mortality rates, being most outspoken for patients with pancreatic cancer: from 24 to 4%. The NCR is also used as a primary source for evaluating effectiveness of treatment. Prediction models based on NCR data help individual patients and care professionals in shared decision making. 

IKNL's clinical trials office supports more than 30 clinical trials each year, including more than 2500 patients in clinical trials. 

IKNL and the European Cancer Mission

IKNL takes part in the 'The Nederlands Kanker Collectief' (Netherlands Cancer Collective), an independent and open collective consisting of organisations and initiatives in healthcare and other fields. The collective combines the brainpower, knowledge, capacity, capabilities and resources of its partners. This stems from the belief that cancer is too big a challenge to solve by one only organization.

Together we are working on The Netherlands Cancer Agenda, a results-oriented agenda with ambitious goals and a concrete approach for the next 10 years. By focusing, the agenda ensures acceleration and breakthroughs on urgent issues. The collective also addresses social and societal themes and the prevention of healthcare needs.

The Netherlands Cancer Agenda:

  • Sets goals for the phases 'life before, with and after cancer'
  • Creates an overview of the most important initiatives in the Netherlands
  • Accelerates and connects existing initiatives
  • Prioritises goals and describes a concrete approach
  • Increases attention to underexposed themes
  • Ensures that all initiatives move in the same direction

Download The Netherlands Cancer Agenda

European Cancer Mission and European Beating Cancer Plan

In 2020, the European Commission drew up the       European Cancer Mission (ECM) and, subsequently, in 2021, the European Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP). With the Netherlands Cancer Agenda, we interpret and implement the ambitions described in the ECM and the EBCP.

Cancer Mission Hubs

In 2023 the ECHoS project was launched in order to learn from one another at a European level, to exchange best practises and start cooperations. This project lays the groundwork for the (continued) development of national Cancer Mission Hubs, as well as a strong European Network of these hubs. These hubs create awareness and organise activities for the benefit of the EBCP. IKNL is one of the driving forces behind the formation of a Dutch Cancer Mission Hub within the European ECHoS project.

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