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English translations palliative care guidelines

English translations are now available on Pallialine in addition to the Dutch palliative care guidelines. A number of guidelines have been fully translated into English and summaries of some are available in English. These English guidelines and summaries on palliative care can be found for all interested healthcare professionals on a separate page on Pallialine, under the English Guidelines.

Palliative care guidelines are developed and revised by a multidisciplinary working group. These often consist of scientific, professional and patient associations under process supervision from IKNL. Some participants from the associations have many international contacts or regularly participate in international conferences. Then it is convenient to have the guideline or summary also available in English. In addition, the Netherlands is at the forefront of developing guidelines in the field of palliative care and international knowledge sharing is considered to be of great importance.

Which palliative care guidelines translated?

Not all palliative care guidelines or summaries of these guidelines are translated into English. This depends on interest from abroad, budget, whether the topic is popular abroad and whether the content is not too colored by the Dutch healthcare landscape and is therefore less interesting for other countries. For each guideline, the working group determines whether an English translation or summary is to be developed.

Translations of the guidelines are currently available:
o    Meaning and spirituality in the palliative phase: “Existential & spiritual aspects in palliative care”
o    Nausea and vomiting: “Nausea and vomiting”

Translated summaries are available on:
o    Fatigue in cancer in the palliative phase: “Cancer-related fatigue in the palliative phase”
o    Ileus in the palliative phase: “Ileus in patients with cancer in the palliative phase”
o    Palliative care for people with COPD: “Palliative care for patients with COPD”
o    Palliative care in end-stage renal disease: “Palliative care in end-stage renal disease”
o    Palliative care in heart failure NYHA class III and IV: “Palliative care in heart failure”
o    “Pain in patients with cancer, or those at advanced stages of COPD or heart failure”

More information

The English summaries and guidelines can be found on Pallialine under the English Guidelines and in the IKNL shop. For questions about the palliative care guidelines, please send an email to richtlijnen@iknl.nl.