About NCR data

The NCR data & figures application shows the incidence, prevalence, mortality and survival of cancer in the Netherlands.

The incidence, prevalence and survival are derived from the Netherlands Cancer Registry. The mortality is derived from the data on causes of death of the Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Would you like to refer to our data? Please include the reference: Netherlands Cancer Registry (NCR), Netherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), derived via www.iknl.nl/en/ncr/ncr-data-figures [date]. 


Data of the last two years concern preliminary data, indicated by * for the years 2019 and 2020.

The total incidence and prevalence of cancer concerns all invasive cancers, excluding basal cell carcinoma of the skin. Information on the incidence and prevalence of basal cell carcinoma is available up on request

The total incidence of breast cancer includes al invasive breast cancer, and thus excluding DCIS. The total incidence of bladder cancer excludes T1 and Ta/Tis. 

You can select as unit the number, CR, ESR and WSR:

  • CR (Crude Rate/) is the number of new diagnoses per 100.000 persons per year. 
  • ESR (European Standardized Rate): the number of new diagnoses per 100.000 persons per year corrected for age (ESP, 1976). 
  • WSR (World Standardized Rate)

The data on prevalence, incidence, mortality and survival can be viewed for sex, age and region (province) of the Netherlands.

For more information on the tumor classification, see  document Tumorclassification Netherlands Cancer Registry (xls).


The survival data concerns the relative survival. It can be viewed for each year of diagnosis (1 year period or 10 year period), sex, age at diagnosis and the stage at diagnosis (TNM-classification). 

The survival is based on the Netherlands Cancer Registry combined with the vital status from the municipal personal records database. It is updated with the vital status data till December 31th 2019 and will be updated summer 2021.


The next update of the data on incidence, prevalence and survival is expected summer 2021. The current data on mortality concern data on causes of death of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) per December 18th 2020. Mortality data of 2020 will apear on this website on February 3rd 2022.