Chiara Attanasio

clinical data scientist

Chiara Attanasio is a clinical data scientist who currently works together with Peter Prinsen on making the NCR (Netherlands Cancer Registry) findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable FAIR. The main focus of the project is creating an externally and internally available catalogue with information on the items stored in the NCR. Such as what is collected, how, since when and with what quality? At the same time the project aims at converting part of the NCR in a so called common data model (the OHDSI's OMOP-CDM) in order to allow for more efficient collaborative research among IKNL and other parties, which often requires the combination of different data sources, both at a national and international level.

Chiara is originally a Mathematical Statistician with a MSc in Data Science in Engineering. Before joining the Innovation department, she collaborated with IKNL for her MSc thesis in the field of Data Mining at TU/e.

Let's do justice to the amazing job of our data managers and give to researchers all over the world the information on the NCR they need to put it into use!


  • Member of the OHDSI Oncology Working Group 


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